Perfect Shot Golf Loft ®

The answer to your short game!

Unique Product Features:

  •   Customizable to any skill level
  •   Portable to take anywhere
  •   Adjustable elevated targets
  •   Convenient  anytime use; easy setup/breakdown
  •   Versatile Training/Teaching Aid & Fun Backyard Game
  •   Additional Accessories Available

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  • <strong>The Golf Loft is GUARANTEED to lower your score!</strong>

    The Golf Loft is GUARANTEED to lower your score!

  • <strong>The Golf Industry’s First Ever Wedge Training Aid!</strong>

    The Golf Industry’s First Ever Wedge Training Aid!

  • <strong>Your Answer to the Short Game!</strong>

    Your Answer to the Short Game!

  • <strong>FACT: Over half of all shots are taken inside of 50 yards.</strong>

    FACT: Over half of all shots are taken inside of 50 yards.



User Benefits:

  •   Help golfers lower their overall scores.
  •   Advance short game approach shots to get closer to the pin.
  •   Develop a consistent swing.
  •   Increase the players’ confidence and feel around the green.
  •   Provide a new coaching tool for golf instructors/teachers.
  •   Make practicing golf fun and exciting!

The Golf Loft is:

1.       Completely Customizable to Your Skill Level
2.       Easy to Use & Setup/Breakdown
3.       Transportable
4.       Telescopic
5.       Can be setup in your own backyard
6.       It’s very fun!
7.       A unique at-home golf experience

The Golf Loft will:

1.       Make you a better Golfer
2.       Lower your handicap
3.       Make Practicing Fun
4.       Improve Your Greenside Scoring
5.       Increase your confidence
6.       Improve Your Touch Around the Green
7.       Get your ball closer to the pin


NOTE: PGA Pros, Teachers, Coaches, and Instructors – click here to see how to incorporate the Golf Loft into your lessons and practice routines.


WARNING: This is a Highly Addictive Product! You will want to challenge all your friends to see who can become the Golf Loft Champ!



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Perfect Shot Golf Loft

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