Golf Loft Company Overview

Perfect Shot Golf LoftThe Perfect Shot Golf Loft ® is the golf industry’s first ever wedge training aid. Many golfers neglect to practice one of the most important parts of golf – their short game – due to inadequate tools on the market. So we developed a device to help improve your green side scoring, chip, pitch, lob, and loft shots from roughly 5-40 yards off the green. We all know how many strokes you can save (or add) when attempting these critical shots. Developing a consistent short game is crucial to lower scores on the golf course and we GUARANTEE you will see improvement in your short game after just a few times using the Perfect Shot Golf Loft!

You can use the Golf Loft in your own yard, at the course, park, beach, or anywhere else you can stick 2 stakes into the ground. You can setup and breakdown the Perfect Shot Golf Loft in less than 2 minutes! Everyone from beginner golfers to touring Pros can benefit from practicing with the Golf Loft.

Our product is:

– Fun to Use
– Durable
– Portable
– Customizable
– Challenging
– Addictive


Who doesn’t want to get the ball closer to the pin on their chip and pitch shots? Develop a soft touch, consistent swing, confidence, and better accuracy as you practice with the Golf Loft. Any good golfer will tell you it’s all about the “feel” of your shot as you approach the green. Developing that “feel” takes time and practice which is why the Golf Loft will revolutionize the way golfers practice their short game. The retractable net allows you to make your target zone big or small depending on what type of shot you want to practice. When you raise and lower the retractable net you can work on different degrees of loft as you become familiar with which club to use in different situations. Stand as far back or as close as you want. Then, once you are ready to take your game to the next level you start adding various targets to your unit at different heights and angles so you can learn to control the flight and distance of your short game shots when you get out on the course. All this can be done in seconds so you can customize your unit to fit any formation you want! This is hands down the BEST product on the market to improve your short game!

Perfect Shot Golf Loft ® – Just Hole It.




Golf Loft Executive Team

Samuel Demarco

Samuel J. DeMarco

President & Inventor

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Jarrod Mains

Jarrod Mains

Chief Executive Officer

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