Golf Loft Professional Endorsements


The importance of a strong short game is undeniable. The endorsements page is for any PGA Pro, Coach, parent, or teacher looking for new ideas to help engage your students and make practicing fun. The Golf Loft is the ultimate teaching tool and practice training aid you can add to your junior sessions, group clinics, or individual lessons at the course, driving range, or any other outdoor area with grass. 


The Golf Loft allows you to teach the following Keys to Short Game Success:

  •      Trajectory
  •     Muscle Memory
  •     Club Selection
  •     Increased Confidence Around the Green
  •     Improved Touch and Feel 


Add our new tool to your training bag to see instant results and positive feedback from all your students!  


How to Incorporate the Perfect Shot Golf Loft into your practice routines:

  •     Use the Golf Loft as a new skill competition at summer golf camps or before tournaments. 
  •     Have students warm-up with 15 min of short game practice to work on loft & trajectory with the Golf Loft. 
  •     Place the Golf Loft 10-40 yards out as a target on your driving range.
  •     Create a short game practice area around the Golf Loft.  


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See what the Professional Golf Industry is saying about the Perfect Shot Golf Loft!

Rob Lasa of Lasa Links golf gives you his point of view – from a teaching perspective – on why he believes the Golf Loft will be an effective training aid for any golfer of any age.

Rob also tells you how he suggests using the Golf Loft during lessons or clinics and teaching sessions at your local golf course. Rob also discusses the benefits of prolonged use and how it will help improve your game.