Jarrod MainsJarrod Mains

Jarrod Mains is from St. Louis, MO and moved to South Florida in 2007 to obtain his MBA in Sport Management from Florida Atlantic University. After stints with the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, ATP, NCAA, and a brief career in the tech industry, Jarrod fell in love with his neighbor Sam’s new golf invention. Jarrod had never taken golf seriously but began playing with Sam’s new invention in his backyard a few times a week which really made him intrigued with the sport opening up a whole new lifestyle. Jarrod is a true testament of how the Golf Loft can make you a better golfer as Jarrod’s short game improved drastically after playing with the Golf Loft on a regular basis.

So Jarrod Mains did some research on the golf industry and soon did discover there was not one thing similar to what Sam invented being sold! As a matter of fact, Jarrod found out there were only a couple “training aids” to help with your short wedge shots but were no better than putting a bucket on the ground to chip into. Seizing the moment, Jarrod and Sam decided to form a partnership and develop their fun backyard golf game into an actual consumer ready golf product built for golfers of all ages any skill level.

The Perfect Shot Golf Loft makes the perfect teaching tool to introduce players to the different degrees of loft of the various clubs, especially wedges. Accurate, confident short game shots are every golfer’s dream. The Golf Loft will help your green side scoring improve and get your ball closer to the pin – GUARANTEED. Even if you don’t like playing golf you will like playing this game as an outdoor recreational activity at your next barbecue or family get-together as your friends compete to see who can get the most balls into the targets!



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