Samuel DeMarcoSamuel Demarco

Samuel Demarco was born and raised in the “City of Champions,” Pittsburgh, PA. He grew up in a traditional Italian family with lots of love, energy, and passion! Sam grew up playing all sports but excelled in both football and golf. Sam played college football at DuQuesne University and was inducted to their Football Hall of Fame in 2004. Sam went on to a very successful career as a Foreman, Engineer, Safety Manager, and Boilermaker by trade. Sam helped build and deliver technically advanced energy and industrial infrastructures on-time, on-budget and safely throughout his career. Sam was able to retire in South FL earlier than most of his peers where he was able to start playing more golf!

Samuel Demarco developed the Perfect Shot Golf Loft in his own backyard. Sam spent years of his life on the golf course growing up and loves the game to this day. Unfortunately the injury bug hit this old Steeler as Sam could no longer take a full swing like he used to. So he wanted something fun that allowed him to use his golf skills without much effort in the convenience of his own backyard. Something that would help keep his game sharp just in case he felt good enough to go show his old friends he could still handle his sticks.

Developing the Perfect Shot Golf Loft

Sam developed this Training Aid/Backyard Golf Game to make the sport FUN for people to practice! Sam was a volunteer Coach in his free time so understands the importance of practice and developing that soft touch and feel around the green. Golf is such a hard sport to learn Sam wanted a teaching tool that was guaranteed to make you a better golfer and was easy enough to use for anyone who can hold a club.



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