As you know, the Perfect Shot Golf Loft is aimed at helping you improve your short game and green-side scoring. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just chip in every time and not worry about putting? By practicing your short game with the Golf Loft this crazy dream could turn into your own golfing reality!

This is why we like to keep you informed of the latest and greatest short game tips. In the September 2016 issue of Golf Digest magazine David Leadbetter provided some “Automatic Chipping” techniques for players to use. These quick pointers are designed to improve your chipping techniques around the green and help you reduce your score. They include:

  1. Narrow your stance.
  2. Swing the triangle back.
  3. Staying connected.
  4. Quiet your hands.
  5. Keep your wrists firm.

For details on these short game chipping techniques see the one page article below. Now get out there and start practicing!

Automatic Chipping by David Leadbetter – Golf Digest Sep 2016