Phil Mickleson’s Secrets of the Short Game

Looking for some new short game practice techniques? This video is SO good we had to share it with you! Phil Mickleson has been known as one of the best short game players of all time and he has decided to share his secrets with you! Take a look at this video link for some of his legendary tips and drills he has learned throughout his pro golf career. While we normally like to focus on the short wedge game here at PSGL, we did not want to deprive you of these excellent putting tips Phil has decided to share with his fans.

This is a must watch video for any golfer! 

The first half of the video focuses on the putting stroke and various lag putting drills from 40+ feet from the hole. Golf takes a lot of time to learn so make sure you are using your practice time wisely when on the course and at home. As Phil begins moving farther from the pin the video progresses into chipping and pitching techniques.

Here is the link to Phil Mickleson’s Secrets of the Short Game – Part 1: