Thank you for purchasing the Perfect Shot Golf Loft! We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase or your money back! If you practice regularly with the Golf Loft you will definitely shave some strokes off your game by becoming more comfortable, confident, and poised  around the green! After all, the Golf Loft is “The Answer to Your Short Game!”


Below are some training videos we have developed so you can get the most out of your new Wedge Training Aid. We include videos for the initial setup of the Starter Kit for beginner golfers, how to add on the Accessory Kits for Advanced Golfers, and give you some drills to practice at home or at the course. Remember, these are just starting points. Use your own imagination and creativity! You can customize your Golf Loft by placing the targets anywhere and at any angle you want to so you can work on any shot you want to improve. Developing a consistent and reliable short game does not happen overnight but by using the tips outlined in these videos you will soon become the Short Game Master in your golf group! Feel free to send us any videos or cool formations you have designed and we may post them on our social media pages and/or Gallery page of our website!


Check out these videos to see how you can practice pitch, chip, lob, and flop shots with this one easy to use training aid we have developed just for you!