Short Game Golf Lessons – Putting

Here at the Perfect Shot Golf Loft, we are all about improving your short game through various golf lessons! Our goal is to help golfers develop a much overlooked and under-practiced portion of their golf game. Everyone knows the “short game” includes both putting and chipping, and while we like to focus the majority of our efforts on green-side scoring with your wedges, putting is also a very important subset of your short game hence this blog post on improving your putting stroke.

One of our goals while developing the Perfect Shot Golf Loft was to reduce the number and length of putts players take each round. If you can place your chip and pitch shots closer to the pin, it will help you take less putts and increase your putting make percentage since your chip shot will be closer to the cup…unless you hole it of course! Then you just keep your putter in your bag! Which is why we considered using “The Perfect Shot Golf Loft – No Putter Needed” as our slogan.

Our friends at Golf City wrote a great article on “Why You Aren’t Making Enough Putts.” Their third reason is the one that stuck out to us the most, as it reads:

#3 – You Are Putting from Too Far Away

Many golfers who think they need to putt better don’t realize that they first need to start hitting better shots from off the green.  This is especially true if you are chipping from within a few yards off the putting surface.  In those cases you should be leaving yourself putts from within a few feet most of the time.  No matter how good of a putter you become, you will never make very many from outside 15 or 20 feet, so if you want to improve the number of putts you make, first start by improving the accuracy of your approach shots.

We couldn’t agree more! Get with your local PGA Golf Pro to take some golf lessons and ask them to focus your lessons on your short game. They will help you practice at the course while purchasing the Golf Loft will help you practice your short game at home.

Click here to read the entire article on Golf City’s website as they give Five Reasons why you are not making enough putts.