Check out this throwback video from the 1980s as one of the best short game players of all time Seve Ballesteros gives you some tips on different type of short game shots you should have in your arsenal. The video is only seven minutes long but very impactful with some great practice points you should test out on the range. You can practice all of these shots with the Perfect Shot Golf Loft!

Among the shots Seve discusses are:

  1. Basic Pitch Shot – this shot will land on the green softly with modest roll. It’s the normal pitch shot you will use most often from about 50 yards out. The swing should be steep to produce height and your arm should form a right angle with the club at the top of your swing.
  2. Punch Shot – this short game shot has less loft and will fly lower. Play the ball back in your stance. The Punch Shot should bounce once then bite on the second bounce almost stopping in its tracks. Seve hits this shot from 50 yards off the green.
  3. Pitch and Run – play this shot in the center of your stance. Shorten your swing. You can use a variety of clubs depending upon how much roll you want once the ball hits the green. Seve recommends aiming for the fringe and depending on the length to the hole that will help you choose the club.
  4. Floater – nowadays, this shot is commonly referred to as a “flop shot.” Seve says the Floater is one of the most difficult shots in all of golf! Which is why you need to purchase the PSGL so you can practice this shot more in your own yard! Seve recommends placing your hands behind the ball for more loft and hitting it hard to increase the height of the flight.

Click here to see Seve demonstrate these shots on the course. There is even a highlight from one of his Tournaments against Arnold Palmer when Seve holed out!

Keep practicing your short game to reduce your score and start saving strokes on your next round of golf.