Steve Elkington and the Long Lost Pitch Shot

I know many golfers would love to hit a tour quality pitch shot that skips 2-3 times and then stops dead in its tracks! How many times have you seen Pros hit this shot? Every weekend right? PGA Tour Pros Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson, Jason Day, Luke Donald, all the way back to Seve Ballestros, they hit this shot better than anyone in the world and use it to their advantage! You can learn how to as well by watching the short 3 minute video below.

Steve Elkington has a new website called which is very intriguing. This week he discusses what he calls the Long Lost Pitch Shot. He shows you how to hit the ball into the turf to create friction and backspin allowing the balls to take a couple bounces then come to a stop on a dime. Who wouldn’t want this shot in their bag?! Click video link below to see his tips.


Practice Makes Perfect

Improving your short game around the green takes tons of time and practice. The Perfect Shot Golf Loft lets you practice different wedge shots to be used in different situations on the course. Sometimes you will need one of the shots Elk shows us how to hit below. Other times you will need a flop shot to arc and stick. All these greenside scoring techniques are a crucial component when trying to increase your up-and-down percentage. So why aren’t you practicing these shots more? Probably because you don’t have a Golf Loft…yet!

There are plenty of ways to decrease your proximity to the hole when chipping and pitching. But it all begins with the feel you have for all your clubs. Many players are not comfortable around the green. They get stiff, nervous, and feel those yips coming from behind. This is because they don’t practice their short game enough. On the other hand, Real Players who use the Golf Loft don’t ever feel this way. We know we can step up and stick our short game shots close to the pin. We have hit all our wedges into the targets on the Golf Loft so we know exactly how hard to swing to make the ball land where we want it to. If we need roll, we make it happen. If we need more loft to airmail a special delivery, we can do that too. Even if we have to scramble we have the confidence to get the job done. After all, the Perfect Shot Golf Loft is The Answer to Your Short Game.

Find out how to hit the Long Lost Pitch from Steve Elkington by watching the video here.


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