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Here is a special Guest Blog Post from a PGA Master Professional and CEO/Founder at Rockhold & Associates Inc in Concord, NC. We thought all our Golf Course Operators/Owners would appreciate this insight from Jason as he shares a great idea to help you increase your revenue at your facility through a new “Wedge Scoring Area.” As Jason states below, these are the shots that are very delicate and need a lot of practice, yet will help you score better during every round you play! Remember to use your Golf Loft daily to sharpen your short game skills! Now enjoy Jason’s article…

At my last facility’s range, we noticed that we had a large amount of our guests that would choose to hit from the nearest open bays from the golf shop and parking lot. This resulted in a lot of wear and tear on the top of the range and much less use of the slightly further away lower range. We had seven target flags set up at varying distances from about 100-230 yards, which gave no reason to choose one tier over the other. So, at the beginning of the season, I decided to put four additional flags and cups directly in from of the lower tier. With distances of 50, 63, 75, 87, 100 measured from the center of the tee area, this offered a wedge scoring area that could sharpen those delicate scoring shots.

The overall impact was instantaneous. As I finished placing the last hole of the scoring area, I saw two guests pick up their golf bags with remaining range balls and head down to the lower tier. Not only that, but they both went back to the golf shop and bought additional range balls for the new area. As the season progressed, the lower portion of the range started to gain more traffic with our lower handicap players that want to solidify all portions of their game. The upper portion remained busy, however, made up of players that were looking to warm up prior to playing, just starting the game, or are working on swing mechanics. It has really evened out the usage of the teeing areas, which now have more time for re-growth. With more turf to hit off, we greatly increased our guest experience. This minimal investment of under $100 and about three hours of time has shown over 100 times ROI in just the first year. However, the increase in the range’s image from the customer standpoint will continue to grow for years to come.

Jason has started a consultation and implementation business to help golf courses to identify areas of improvement to connect better with their customers. In addition, they use marketing platforms and strategies to highlight the benefits that their facility brings through course specific content creation. Contact Jason for more info:

Jason Rockhold, MBA, PGA

CEO/ Founder

Rockhold & Associates, Inc